zaterdag 23 juli 2011

A letter to Amy...

Dear Amy,

I can't believe what's on my mind, the news today, please press rewind.
I wish we could all go back in time, make you laugh, love life. Like so many who loved you, even in your darkest days and lowest lows.

So talented and young, Dear Amy, what was your greatest fear?
Was it all too much for you, was your succes the complete opposite of what was in your own mind?
Was the darkness your biggest enemy or your closest friend?
Poisoning you with doubt, insecurity and fear...

Did you not feel the love of the people you gave chills with your voice?
Did you not feel worthy of the gift you were given?
Did you not know your music had the power to strenghten and heal others?

Such a shame your music was not powerfull enough to heal you sweet girl...
I hope you feel loved and gifted now, worthy of it all.
Knowing what you did not know before, we will miss you...

Sweet girl rest in peace,

With love,


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