vrijdag 12 augustus 2011

Chanel fall 2011 ILLUSIONS D’OMBRES DE CHANEL polish skittles swatches

Goodmorning, pfew.....Yesterday I did  a lot of swatching..there is so much to show you, I recently swicthed to the Sparitual nailpolish remover and my cuticles are very happy about that. Plus the product leaves a really nice bloodorange scent. But on with the post for today, Chanel's fall polishes :) there are 3 shades in this collection, I did skittles of them plus a comparison with an opi from fall 2010. Let's Check them out.

Goedemorgen! Gisteren heb ik nogal veel swatches gedaan....het zonnetje scheen hier flink dus daar heb ik meteen goed gebruik van gemaakt (beetje jammer eigenlijk...schijnt de zon zit ik binnen te swatchen lol) dus ik heb ontzettend veel leuks om te laten zien. En even tussendoor, ik ben onlangs overgestapt op de remover van Sparitual en mijn nagelriemen zijn me dankbaar, zelfs na het verwijderen van ca 20 full manicures (heus bovendien ruikt deze remover naar bloedsinaasappel yum!). Maar terug naar vandaag, Chanel herfst 2011, in deze collectie zitten 3 lakken, ik heb skittles en en vergelijking gedaan, dus op naar de lakken.

Chanel Fall 2011 polishes:
Graphite Metallic anthracite (Limited Edition)
Quartz metallic/chrome beige
Peridot Green gold (Limited Edition)

index& ring: Chanel Quartz
very chic beige metallic shade, almost chrome like finish.
Very nice shade, but for me not special enough to splurge on. 
Maybe it is similar to Illamasqua bacterium but I don't have
that one to compare.

middle: Chanel Peridot golden green shade, now Iwonder how
this onecompares to CG peace on earth...I removed it too
fast...grrr I really try not to like this but it is quite fabulous :)

pinkie: Chanel Graphite stunning foil like anthracite with a hint
of golden shimmers.

index: Chanel quartz

middle: Zoya Jules ( I already removed peridot and I like the way
Jules seems to blend in with the other shades so this looked
better than a naked nail :) Now that I take a closer look, Graphite

looks like a mix of the deep grey opi and golden sparkle from zoya.

ring: Opi Lucerne-tainly Look Marvelous 

pinkie: Chanel Graphite I think I will pass on this one, the
Opi is close enough for me (pfew that saves me some euros ;)

Opi Lucerne-tainly Look Marvelous (left)
Chanel Graphite (right)