zaterdag 15 januari 2011

Zoya Fire and Ice Gloria and Tiffany

It's weekend and the sun is coming out YAY! I needed that soooo bad....Well I got 3 out of the Fire and Ice collection (I still have to take pics of Crystal, I know it's my name but I am not head over heels with the color...yet..) So let's have a look at Tiffany and Gloria.

Tiffany is a perfect peachy golden shade, I usually avoid this type of shades (loooove yee-haw in the bottle but on my nails it looks like a nude) but this one is so sparkly it is mesmerizing. Pictures are taken indoors in different lights (some in direct sunlight others in shade) so you can get a good idea of the color (same thing for Gloria I just walk around the house taking pics haha;)

Gloria is a stunning  warm pink sparkle polish with lots of golden shimmer very flattering on warmer skin tones, this is 2 coats. Did you get some of the Fire and Ice collection? I can't wait for the intimate collection, I am sooooo ready for spring :) Have a lovely weekend!

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