donderdag 13 januari 2011

Stylish blogger award

I have been tagged by the girl with the million dollar smile Kellie from Also known as
Her swatches often make me freak out of excitement and sometimes lead to polish madness so check her blog out (she has studied psychology so she can offer any mental guidance if needed ;)
I have been tagged by 2 other bloggers too, but I had some issues with intense debate comments, so all the previous comments are gone so please let me know if it was you and I will make it up to you and link back :) It's important to share the blog and polishlove right :)

The rules for this award are to:
thank and link the person who gave it to you,
jot down 7 random facts about you,
to give the award to 15 other lucky bloggers
and let them know about it.

Now on to my facts!

1. I give everyone and everything multiple nicknames which sometimes is quite confusing, my dog Ulan has the most, Uli, Mewboy, Menneke, Cwazy, UlantheMan and so on....My car is named George since my mom would have called my that if I would have been a boy.
2. I have a love and hate relationship with food, I can eat jawdropping amounts of food but have to be careful since all the calories go straight to my hips and derriere, so now i discovered the non diet diet, how it works? I eat butter croissants in the morning with a huge cappuchino ans a glass of fresh orange juice, that keeps the candy craving voices in my mind silent for a little while...and I switched to regular coke, one glass a day but so much better than the diet stuff. When I am hungry I watch shows about food, we have a new channel with 24hour food tv, I say Bring it on!!!

3) My dachshunds are my babies, sometimes I take it too far but I can't help myself :)
4. I have loved nailpolish for as long as I can remember I even worked for a company that imported Jessica polishes and treatments, I really love the brand but the company and I had a bad break up....I went to work there as an intern and after a few days I just knew that I found my dreamjob, owning a cosmetics company, so I started a company of my own (I imported hairproducts and owned one of the first online stores in NL at age 21 I know kinda crazy;) My ex boss was acussing me of using his company while it actually my big example, it broke my heart and watching a bottle of Jessica still hurts, maybe I should give it a try again..because they create awesome collections and products.

5. I am a total Disney junkie, when I hear certain songs I can even get emotional or just totally happy (I have a Disneyland Paris cd in my car...need I say more.....)

6. I got married to a shoe addict, my husband is even more crazy about my shoes than me, good thing he has really big feet haha just kidding he likes me in heels but I prefer rubber boots. A while ago he was seriously pissed off with me for not keeping my shoe closet tidy (why bother putting them away when he likes doing that ;)

7. Sometimes it takes forever for me to make a decision, but when I make it, I act quite fast on it. We were thinking about marriage for quite a while but once the decision was made I planned the wedding in 5 weeks (YES it is possible) and it was done and we had an amazing day (and I still have to post the pictures...)
Now I tag:

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