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Pirates of the Caribbean On stranger tides, the movie & the polishes

Last saturday I was in Disneyland resort Paris to see a pre premiere of Pirates of the caribbean on stranger tides. Again, Jack Sparrow is the center of this swashbuckling adventure. The fuzzy romance is no more, since Will and Elizabeth are no longer present, but that does not mean there is no romance at all.... ;-)
I really enjoyed this movie and I would not have mind if it was longer, sometimes it was a little eerie and to me Ariel will never bean innocent mermaid again..... :-) If you loved the first 3 parts, don't miss this one. On stranger tides is in cinemas now.

Afgelopen weekend was ik in Disneyland resort Paris voor een pirates themaweekend met een prepremiere van On stranger tides. Jack Sparrow is weer het eigenaardige middelpunt van dit swashbuckling avontuur. De zoete romantiek is verdwenen nu Will en Elizabeth uit beeld zijn, maar dat wil niet zeggen dat er helemaal geen romantiek in de film zit.... ;-) Ik vond de film geweldig en hij had best langer mogen duren, soms was het een beetje griezelig en bizar, Ariel zal voor mij nooit meer een onschuldige zeemeermin zijn....:-) Als je de eerste 3 delen top vond moet je deze ook zeker zien, al is het alleen maar om het geweldige spel van Johnny Depp. De film draait nu overal in de bios.

On with the Opi polishes :) I have not made swatches of my own, so I borrowed these from the million dollar smile girl from Utah, Kellie G in my opinion, her swatches are the best around :) Thanks Kellie! I will swatch these myself later, disney was less budget friendly than anticipated, so stay tuned for those :)

Door naar de nagellakjes, Ik heb zelf nog geen swatches gemaakt, dus heb ik deze even geleend van de lieve blogster uit Utah, Kellie G Zij heeft de beste swatches vind ik, eigen swatches van deze collectie volgen later (Disney viel duurder uit dan verwacht lol) dus nog even geduld.

Steady as she rose
where pink meets nude, very pretty, sometimes at
sunset the clouds have this warm pink shade.

This is my favorite of the collection.

Skull & Glossbones
light grey with a hint of beige, if the name is too
freaky for you, remember that this color reminded me
of the white sanded caribbean beaches in the movie :)
In this movie there were less skulls than the other parts,
altough in this movie there is one very odd

spanish skeleton...

Stranger tides
this is a dirty color, but somehow it works,mossy and

eerie looking, but very interesting. I have a sage creme
from sparitual but that is happies, this is dark and edgy.
This is my second favorite from the collection.

Sparrow me the drama
I don't think pink is Sparrow's favorite color but hey
this pink is very pretty, there was not a lot of pink
in the movie, except for the evening skies but
I can see myself wearing this shade a lot, it is safe but
snot boring.

Planks a lot
I am not a purple lover because most don't flatter me,
but somehow I think this will, below you see a picture
of this with silver shatter. I must have silver shatter!
It gives these shades an antique shiny look, it's

Mermaid's tears
The essential part of the movie is about mermaid's

tears and i think this is the most anticipated
polish from the collection, but it does not remind
 me of the mermaids immediately, maybe if you
finish it with a coat of I juggle men from the femme
de cirque collection. I think that will give this shade
the mysterious glistening touch that goes with mermaids.

Or a sparkly ocean in the sun....yeah that would really
work. That is the one shade missing from this collection

a blue grey muted creme with the color of the ocean,
maybe a darker version too for the nighttime seas :-)

These shades are available now, check out your local opi
for more information about this collection, and for a little

preview of the movie, the link below :-)

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