donderdag 19 juli 2012

Happy 8th Birthday Uli!!!

The prettiest brown eyes in the world

Today is Ulan's 8th Birthday, so today it's all about my crazy
little man :)

Just hangin' out...

Uli's favorite summer game, toss a cookie in a large tub
of water and he gets them out.

His only nasty habit, washing the ears of the girls until their
ears are soaked....


Ulan is bad to the bone! He loves daddy's bike, whenever
my husband is close to home, Uli recognizes the sound of his
bike and he runs to the window to watch the boss on the

Daddy makes a nice pillow for Toetie

My pretty boy wearing my new pink swarovski bracelet

Dolly does not want him to play with her toy but Uli doesn't
care lol

I love the look on his face on this picture, a crazy Danish
dachshund and a Swedish chef :)

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