zondag 25 december 2011

Merry X-mas! some dachshund fun

Wishing you a merry x-mas!

Sally, Ulan and Patsy

And another pretty picture of Patsy, she always
poses so sweet for a picture

Our big boy also had to wear a silly hat poor Pino

Patsy in her x-mas dress

Patsy, our top model strikes another pose

Our smallest and largest Dachsie, Sally and Joey

Joey is bored......

The two mommies, Lola and Dolly

Ulan and Sally in their x-mas sweaters

Sally was jealous of Jill's x-mas gift so she bit Stich in his nose...

This made me laugh so hard....it is so true...poor Uli good thing it
did not snow yet, maybe i should knit him something to keep his
jewels warm lol!