woensdag 21 december 2011

Mavala sparkling violet & sparkling red swatches & Mavala giveaway!

Here are 2 more shades from the Mavala showtime collection and the whole collection could be yours soon!

Once this blog reaches 1000 followers, there will be a Mavala showtime giveaway so one of you readers will be blingin' in the new year with these great glitter polishes :)
Mavala sparkling violet 3 coats
This one does not cover up as much as the other glitters, but I think
this will be awesome for layering. This just screams mardi gras to
me :)

Mavala sparkling red 3 coats.
Unfortunately the sun disappeared by the time i wanted to take
pictures of this one and that is a bad thing because this is
so fabulous in direct sunlight. I did not like this at first, but once on
my nails I fell in love. You know I am not a red polish girl, but
with the holo glitters this is seriously stunning!

This blurry pic really shows the holo glitters, I will redo these
swatches if the sun comes out again, hopefully this year :S