zaterdag 11 juni 2011

My favorite perfumes

Guerlain Champs Elysees, classy and elegant, this was my wedding fragrance :)
I have a great story about this fragrance, when I worked on Schiphol airport, I once had a client who was looking for a gift for his daughter, I advised him champs elysees and he left with a great gift. A few months later I was in another terminal and a man walks towars me saying it must be his lucky day, it was thesame man (can you imagine, different terminal, different shift and I had another job in between those months) and his daughter absolutely loved champs elysees and now he wanted a gift for his other daughter. Unfortunately I am not sure which one I advised for her, I think it was tempore by Laura biagiotti, also very nice but discontinued...anyway, on with my favorites :)

Dior J'adore absolu the regular j'adore is too plain for me, this one stands out more.

Annick Goutal Petite Cherie delicate and fruity, I love peaches in a perfume.

Kenzo L'eau de Amour I love all the amour fragrances and this one is very wearable on hot days.

Prada infusion de tubereuse Tuberose is one of my favorite flowers for a fragrance, but my loved ones think it is too much but in this scent it is delicate and subtle, this is the 200 ml bottle, my mother joked that it looked like a liquor bottle and that the devil was not wearing prada but drinking prada (love the scene from Absolutely fabulous where Edina asks Patsy what she is drinking and Patsy replies: chanel no 5 darling)

Pupa air de fio no5 sweet, peachy and powdery, this is great for summer if you like sweet fragrances but like a more subtle scent for warm summer days.

Air de f'io no 5

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