vrijdag 17 juni 2011

Opi Katy Perry collectie swatches

When Last Friday night was on the radio i figured it was time to show you my Katy Perry swatches. Sometimes there are so many collections that you could easily forget some really pretty shades.

Ik hoorde net Last Friday night van Katy Perry op de radio, dus bij deze wil ik je graag mijn Katy Perry swatches laten zien. Soms volgen de collecties elkaar zo snel op dat je sommige mooie kleurtjes bijna zou vergeten :)

Last Friday night over 2 coats of Opi's what's with the cattitude
(I figured cattitude will work for Katy since her fragrance
is purrrr) I did not like this solo but love this over this baby blue
base. I used 2 coats of each polish.

Not like the movies
Silver/green/purple with tiny sparkly glitters, a little sheer
but works well for me after 3 coats.

Teenage dreams
This was not love at first sight but the longer it was on
my nails the more I liked it. 3 coats.

The one that got away
my absolute favorite of the collection, deep,
dramatic and sparkly. 2 coats

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