dinsdag 3 mei 2011

Kreativ blogger award

I Got awarded by 2 lovely blogladies, so that can't be ignored right? the purpose is to share 10 facts about yourself and pass it on to 10 other bloggers. I do admit that i always wonder
if you are really interested in 10 facts about me or does it totally bore you? Haha oh well,
thanks to Amy from Gotham Polish en Michelle from Passion for Nails here are my facts :-)

1) My first nailpolish memory is when I was 6 years old and i got a little bottle of red polish on an Italian holiday, my grandma asked me to polish her toenails but after one nail I looked at the tiny bottle and abrubtly ended the pedicure haha. Guess i did not want the whole bottle to be empty :-) My family still makes fun of me because of that hilarious situation.

2) I am going to Eurodisney this month! Yay! the mothership is calling me haha, I am a disney-aholic/addict/freak whatever you feel like calling it :-)

3) I have an anxiety disorder, shocking? oh well did you know that 18% off all Americans has at least one of them? (source: wikipedia) I take it one day at the time, mostly I can function like any other person, but when I have a bad day it is hard to leave the house, especially in stressfull times. I hope one day people dare to be honest about mental ilness, because I have the feeling that it is still a taboo.

4) I neeeeed a big latte and a croissant for breakfast.

5) I don't have a favorite color, it simply changes every time.

6) I wish all cosmetic brands are honest about animal testing, most brands don't but because they did in the past they won't fill in the required forms and they don't end up on Peta's or other cruelty free lists. so you still don't know it all...so frustrating...The most humane and modern standard is from http://www.gocrueltyfree.org/

7) I am allergic to hairpaint :-(

8) I am currently hooked to an avocado sandwich I make almost every day, YUM!

9) My dachshunds are my babies :-)

10) I have always wanted a Rolex watch, but I am pretty sure it will never happen haha. 

10 other blogs I pass this on to:

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Candy coated tips Jackie S rules over this wonderfull blog and she has a great sense of humour :)
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Mai senza smalto! Italian polishblogger
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