donderdag 31 maart 2011

More random Barielle swatches

Lava rock
whoa! so stunning, seems to glow from within. this was 3 coats but
totally worth the effort, this color is really hard to describe, indoors it
is more purple and in sunlight more brown, oh well, it's pretty amazing,
that says it all :)

Slow motion
Pale lilac pearl/frost brushstrokes fade whenpolish dries. I adore
this type of shades, so crisp and clean.

Cashmere or loose me
milkchocolate with fine copper shimmer. Gives great coverage in
2 coats.

Elle's spell
3 coats, not sure what to think about this color,
 raspberry base with flakies. Goes on quite sheer,
great for layering but not my cup of tea.

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