zondag 27 maart 2011

Barielle blackened bleu, A bouquet for Ava and snow day swatches & review

Blackened bleu, 3 coats. this one goes on quite sheer
so you really need 3 coats, but the result is quite stunning,
 It's a black/navy base with blue shimmer. I really love this color.

A bouquet for Ava is opaque in 2 coats but I must
admit these shades have to grow on me, i am not sure if it's
 the color or the creme finish, it is pretty but i can't
 say what it is that turns me off....Important notice:
especially when you have dry brittle nails like me;
Use basecoat! This one caused major stains on my nails,
so protect your nails from soaking up all the blue pigment.

Snow day gives good results in 2 coats, this grey metallic frost 
with subtle blue tones does leave some brushstrokes,
 but brushstrokes never stopped me before (sorry frostphobics,
 I am a die hard frost lover:) This color is a great shade and
 the frost finish makes it even better. Maybe I should do a post
about my favorite frosts ;)

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