dinsdag 21 december 2010

some Barielle holiday hustle 2010 collection swatches

Here are the first 3 of my Barielle holiday collection picks. The Barielle formula is nice and they are available on http://www.barielle.com/ and http://www.barielle.co.uk/ (ships to all European countries)

Jess' champagne toast same type of color as Opi's The color to Watch, a metallic muted lilac/grey with glitter, the glitter is a little gritty but the color is lovely. (I have thesame issues with some BB glitters but if you can see beyond the gritty issue get this, otherwise skip it.)

Wrap me in ribbon pinkish shimmer with a hint of mauve 2 coats

Gelt me to the party A gorgeous antique golden shimmer 2 coats