dinsdag 21 september 2010

Essie winter 2010 sneak peek& promo swatches

When checking out one of my favorite blogs, Chicprofile from Tavia, I found a post on the new Essie winter collection, I am really looking forward to Hot Coco, Luxedo and going incognito.
To check out Tavia's post  and her lovely blog please click on the link: http://www.chicprofile.com/2010/09/essie-nail-polish-collection-for-winter-2010.html Enjoy!

Toen ik op een van mijn favoriete blogs aan het snuffelen was (Chicprofile van Tavia) kwam ik een bericht tegen over de nieuwe winterlook van Essie, ik ben errug nieuwsgierig naar Hot Coco, Luxedo en going incognito. Om Tavia's blogbericht te lezen klik op deze link http://www.chicprofile.com/2010/09/essie-nail-polish-collection-for-winter-2010.html Enjoy!

ps I know i changed my blog message, Gnglish language first Ducth language second improvement or not???
ps Ik weet het ik heb mijn indeling veranderd, eerst Engels dan Nederlands, verbetering of niet????

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  1. Thanks for the link! You are so nice :)

  2. I need at least three of these. very classy!

  3. Essie is finally stepping up her game!

  4. going incognito looks interesting, apparently Essie has caught onto us green freaks, speaking of freaks lol i am so cray for BBs that i started clicking all over your pic then realized it says coming soon - hello stop clicking hold your horsies

  5. they are indeed classy! really nice contrast to all the loud glitters that will come out for winter (not that i don't like glittersssss but sometimes i get tired of them...)

    @ peripatetic33: heehee sounds like me I would do thesame :) still figuring out how to create an online form for the giveaway...sorry for being kinda slow on that...I do have swatches of those bbs on this blog, just click on the label Bb couture and you should find them. Venom is awesome!

    thanks for your comments all :) it's really nice to talk to other polishlovers this way ;)

  6. Already winter collection?!
    Im sure im gonna like the green and the coco colour:-)
    But these looks similar to the Fall collection only darker isnt it?:-/



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