zaterdag 25 september 2010

Dachshund fun

I was uploading the images from my camera to my computer and I had a lot of dachsie pics and I want to share some with you :) Have a great weekend!

Ik was de foto's van mijn camera naar de computer aan het uploaden en er stonden veel teckelfoto's op en ik wou er een paar met jullie delen :) Fijn Weekend!

Ulan and his first Love (and Patsy's mommy) Dolly, he looks relaxed but she looks worried haha, he really loves her but she loves to bite him in his ears to let him know who's boss...

Sleeping beauty Lola

Yes my dachshunds are in fact Aliens....not sure from which planet....

Patsy is playing hide and seek but sally does not want to play

Patsy loves her furry bed

5 opmerkingen:

  1. Ah ik vind je teckels echt géweldig! Wat een schatjes!

  2. @Alexa1202: heehee thanks! I am such a proud mommy and I always annoy people with pics of my babies :)

    @Sylvia: hmmm schatjes dat weet ik niet haha, vaak heel ondeugend ;) moet trouwens nog steeds nfu-ohs bestellen maar ze waren dit weekend dicht vanwege de beurs...heb ik weer haha

  3. OMG Those are SO CUTE! I'm a huge dog lover (I used to have 2 in my house when I was a kid) so I'm always happy to see pics of these little babies! They are so adorable! And on another non-related note, your blog is great! I'm loving the close up, clear pics :)

  4. @musicalhouses: thanks for your sweet comments :)it always amazes me how big of an impression dachsies leave behind when you had one in your childhood.But of course they are exceptionally funny, naughty, smart and sweet :)


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