woensdag 4 augustus 2010

Some of my summer favorites

Ik moet nog zoooooveel berichten posten en ik ben nogal een chaootje, dus ik begin gewoon bij de foto's die ik al een tijdje heb staan (dat zijn er nogal wat geloof me....) en dat gaat nu even niet over nagellakjes, maar over een paar van mijn favoriete zomeritems. Daarna ga ik snel weer aan de slag want ik wil je nog heeeel veel moois laten zien. Enjoy!

I have so much more to pictures to post, and I am a little chaotic, so let's start with the ones that have been on my computer for a while now (and there are many...) These are some of my non-polish summer favorites, and after that back to the polishes ;) Enjoy!

My new Casadei pumps, bought them on sale at yoox.com
they are just too gorgeous, I love to display them (I know....) Everything is just perfect about these but I am really in love with the color. (And I don't even have a polish to match it....I digged trough my entire stash and nothing looks like it)
The Longchamp pliage range, this is one of the summer colors,
my b-day is augsut 31st so I guess who is having a wishlist full of Longchamp fall items ;) The little one is great for aspirines, perfume samples and other feminine stuff you don't want rolling out of your purse...The bigger one is great for make up
Diesel fuel for life summer fragrance, sweet like lemonade, I could drink this its soooo good!
(like Patsy Stone in absolutely fabulous, Edina asks what are you drinking Pats? she answers: Chanel no5 darling and takes a big sip from the chanel bottle hilarious!)
And on to something not pink (did you start to notice haha) Mac beachbound lipstick a sheer golden peach which is so out of my comfort zone (I am the queen of beige) but I love it and the vanilla scent is a really nice bonus.

3 opmerkingen:

  1. Wow die schoenen, met name die hoge smalle hakken...lopen ze een beetje goed?

  2. Please tell me where you get this fragrance from! I am looking for it everywhere and the description really intrigues me. I love fruity, sweet fragrances!

  3. @Polishsis: ze lopen heerlijk ondanks mijn brede oncharmante voeten haha ;)

    @Crlsweetie912: I got it in a Dutch perfumestore...but the regular fuel for life is delicious too!


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