woensdag 18 augustus 2010

Misa fall 2010 What I like about you : I like it like that (and orly comp)

I like it like that is a gorgeous green shimmer from the Misa fall collection. It actually is more vivid apple green with a hint og folden flash in real life, but my camera was too afraid of the color i guess.... Applying this one was easy in 2 coats. Can't wait to show you the other 3 I got from their fall collection ;)

In artificial light the shimmer really shows off :)
Orly haileys comet vs Misa I like it like that
I know what you will think of this comparision heehee, it's not about the effect but the colors are quite similar, while swatching the Misa I knew It reminded me of the Orly bottle, they both have thesame fasinating green/blue effect, but here you can see that the Misa is way more green.

The other colors I picked, Quirky smile (teal shimmer), When u say my name (cozy brown shimmer)  & It's You (stunning multi effect grey I loooooove this one guess I will save that for last ;)  Enjoy!

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  1. So did you do an Orly comparison? If so, which Orly did you use? Sorry, I probably just missed it but I'm having an off day.

  2. haha no I was the one with an off day...I compared Haileys comet with the misa, they have thesame blue glow over the green and some gold altough they have very different finishes, the color palette is similar :) guess my coffee had not kicked in when I posted that heehee ;)


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